Kaiming Kuang


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Email: kakuang@ucsd.edu

I am looking for summer internship in 2023! Email me if you are interested.


I am a first-year master student majoring in computer science at University of California, San Diego. I am also a research intern of Professor Xiaolong Wang’s lab at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. My research interests are computer vision, reinforcement learning and robotics.

Prior to enrolling in UCSD, I worked as a computer vision engineer at Dianei Technologies for 3 years, where I focused in R&D of medical AI. I also spent half a year in 2019 at Hang Seng Bank China working as management trainee at the global market department.

I earned my Master of Finance degree at University of California, San Diego, where I was sponsored by a fully-funded fellowship provided by China Scholarship Council. I went to Renmin University of China in Beijing and got dual bachelors in business management and law.

I grew up in the beautiful city of Liuzhou, which is famous for its automobile industry (五菱神车) and controversially popular cuisine (螺蛳粉).

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